Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Julian Assange and the Honeypot

A honeypot is an obvious entrapment of a male by a female villain using sexual wiles.  Right now Julian Assange has been charged with 'rape' in Sweden.  Apparently a condom broke and he didn't shower after sex before leaving after her apartment that night. Also he may have forgotten to flush the toilet after he peed.  No one is pregnant. No one has disease.  The two women who sought sex with Assange apparently were trophy hunting. Assange is being compared to Mick Jagger but Mick never offended the CIA.  Keith Richards did and so did John Lennon.  In John Lennon's day it was the pot smoking and association with 'anarchists'.

Some of the audio tape that was removed from the Kennedy shooting was released today.We are still being told that the Kennedy killing was a one man job and that on Ossama bin Laden was involved one involved in 9-11.   Does anyone think Assange would have a woman carrying around a broken condom for a week as 'proof' against Assange if Assange was nobody.  Would this woman have slept with Assange were he nobody?  And would this woman have conspired with another woman before coming forward and complaining.

All 'raped' women should petition on behalf of Assange if these women's cases are considered anything but a marvellous opportunity for the US to get Assange.  It's one thing to grab him in England, quite another to grab him in Sweden.  We must remember, we in the west are the good guys, so we don't jail our political foes openly as South Africa did. Here political prisoners are convicted of rape or drug trafficking if they're not simply called a 'terrorist'.

Nothing makes me want to be a good boy and brown nose and never question authority like the way I see Assange treated. I'm terrified of saying anything controversial for fear someone some time will be able to produce a broken condom or has kept a joint I shared with Clinton and Troudeau showing my DNA was on that joint making me complicit with their public drug abuse. Someday soon there will be a politically correct law saying that a controversial figure 'hogged' the joint and didn't use the tweezers to pass it with. On the bright side maybe one day a man will be able to complain that a woman didn't buy him dinner before she had her way with him.

I've been following the Julian Assange story because he's radically in favour of 'transparency', what the head of the Supreme Court of Canada Beverly McLaughlan stands for.  Luckily for us no one was running about complaining of broken female condoms when she was teaching at UBC.

I don't know why Julian Assange doesn't sue the condom manufacturer. Was it Trojan or Sheik.

The Victorian area was considered perverse but future citizens on this globe will look back on the social dark ages of the last 50 years and consider this the greatest era of perversity since Caligula.  At least Caligula and Cleopatra and their kin were seeking pleasure from pleasure.  Todays government CIA Washington and such are psychopathically perverse so twisted that they encouraged dim witted women to discuss the sexual prowess of the enemies of the state while women and men are titillated with their tales of tails.  Thank God for Naomi Wolf who wrote a masterful piece against such tripe.  This is what women got the vote for?  Wake up ladies. It's not all about the bedroom.

Pay attention to the big picture.  What woman is presently doing anything as dangerous or courageous and as radical as Assange. Burning bras doesn't cut it by comparison.  I'm wholly impressed by all the major women who are surrounding Assange but I am powerfully aware that Queen Elizabeth has not spoken up.

In a Canada of my dreams Queen Elizabeth would tell Obama and his minions to back off and keep Assange, this great Australian, protected from the fascist Swedes.

If Jesus appeared today he'd be accused of raping Betty Friedan, jailed in Quantanamo and no doubt accused of smoking BC Bud with none other than Elvis Presley. He would have had his 'house in heaven' mortgaged by Goldman Sachs too.

These are strange times. Strange and sexy times.  Must be the season of the Witch!

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