Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Vancouver Police and Police Dogs

I was disheartened to hear CBC news going on and on about some poor fellow who was bit by a police dog.  To hear the story I was left with the impression that Saint Theresaa and Queen Elizabeth  had been attacked by a police dog while having tea in a church somewhere.  Typical of CBC left wing politically correct yellow bleeding heart liberal journalism they had the story all wrong.
It turns out a young man, not a child, or a little boy or girl, but a man had been bashing a street bus with his skateboard threatening the driver and others about..  He'd been doing this not once but umpteen times.  He was told repeatedly to stop his angry bullying aggressive destructive behaviour.  He did not listen to authority or reason. He was a law unto himself. Clearly he had never till this time been socialized. He is likely the kind of person who pees on toilets seats and shits in the kitchen. His behaviour was by all intents and purposes feral and barbaric.  The police arrived and told him to stop and he fled.  The police dog followed him.  Note a police man running or a police car is least likely to catch a man on a skateboard.  However this punk, this thug, this bully, this mean little shit, didn't anticipate the police dog.  He didn't think. He might well have been high on drugs and impaired. Likely this was the time he was caught and there were many other times that he was not caught. His arrogance speaks to that scenario.
The police dog caught him.  Police dogs are trained to stop a person and bring them down.  If the person attacks the police dog the police dog defends himself and holds on.  Police dogs don't have guns or tazers. They have teeth. One dog against one human and the human has the distinct advantage.  Dogs need a pack to be effective. Police dogs alone against a man with a skateboard are in lifethreatening situations. One whack with a skateboard can kill a dog.  Indeed a skateboard is a deadly weapon against a police man. It's a bit like that weapon the Klingons used in Star treck.  It's a lethal weapon.  If a policeman or a police dog is faced with a belligerent aggressive angry hostile man with a skateboard then the dog or the police man is at high risk.
Now this police dog bit this criminal who had committed a crime, put others at risk, whoever was in the bus, those around him, some man going wild and apeshit with a skateboard defying the police and trying to hurt a police dog, a domesticated loyal animal in the midst of a busy street with all manner of innocent people about who didn't want to be drawn into this bullies personal drama who just wanted to get on with their business.  They had to witness this horrible situation of a man with a skakeboard trying to kill a dog and the dog just doing it's duty.  The man wanted to kill the dog.  He would claim he was solely interested in his self defence.  But the fact remains he wanted to kill a police dog after he'd tried unsuccessfully to kill  bus.
He was taken to hospital by the police. His hospital care was paid for by us, the citizens who he had harmed.  CBC seems to be a law unto itself.  It doesn't realize that we as tax payers pay for it's journalists and it's coverage of the news.  We pay for city buses. And we pay the high cost of having police dogs and the high costs of having police.  The Vancouver Police Dog contingent is world reknowned.  We have the best trainers and the most humane practices.  Our police dogs are the best in the world. This man tried to destroy a bus and  would have killed a  police dog.  I would have been delighted if the CBC reported the story as a success for a dog that survived and a success for the police who stopped public damage and the man trying to harm the dog so he could get away scot free..  The CBC doesn't seem to remember that hooligans like this man destroyed the city after a silly Vancouver Canucks game. We're still waiting collectively for justice to be done in that case.
Now the best part.  This man is suing the city of Vancouver, which is us, and the CBC people who live in Vancouver too, claiming that the police should have sent a gerbil after him.  Maybe a gold fish should have been sent by the police. Maybe a chihuahua.  Anything but a german shepherd so this man could have killed a little dog and made his escape to destroy people's livelihood and threaten bus drivers, bus passengers, and police men trying to protect us from this kind of dangerous sociopathic behaviour.  I personally would suggest that the Vancouver Police get pitbulls, great danes and rottweilers rather than the toy poodles criminals would have the police have.
We still haven't seen the Canuck rioters go to jail and jail in Canada is better than what the elderly who worked all their lives often get too, even without the new jails promised.
I think CBC should be ashamed of itself.  I think it's tragic when a person gets hurt but the age old message to criminals and taking a skateboard and attacking a bus and bus driver and passengers and tax bought city property is criminal, well, 'if you can't do the time, don't do the crime'.
Hopefully this fellow will learn something from his running amok. Maybe not to do it again. Maybe others who think they should be able to destroy whenever they please will also learn that the police will stop them.  This isn't an airport incident with a man having difficulty with language and understanding and threatening three armed policemen with a paper clip holder. This is a man with a skateboard weapon swinging it about with extreme violence and prejudcie and then defying police and wanting to escape to do more destruction another day. This is the story of Lassie coming to the rescue of the police, the bus driver, the City of Vancouver and all the people who live and work here without destructiveness.
Now in a sane world this man would go to court and the judge would find that this suit was more 'mischief' and he would be required to do more time or pay more cost for continuing to defy society and believe that he has the right to destroy people's livelihood and threaten us with his skateboard.  Then use the courts for his own criminal gain. My fear is that the judge, judges not riding in buses or walking about the streets of Vancouver where normal people live in fear of dangerous men high on drugs weilding skateboard weapons or whatever else they can get their hands on.  Judges like the CBC are too often uncaring about the rest of us who walk the streets of Vancouver or don't because we are afraid of the hooligans.  We depend on the police but increasingly feel they are muzzled like this sociopathic criminal would have the dog muzzled so he could have bludgeoned the poor dog to death with his skateboard and made his escape to go on to bludgeon a police man next time.
I am hopeful for the courts.  The lawyer who took this case must be hard up for work and embarrassed.  I can only hope a judge who has walked downtown recently takes the case.  I am thankful for the Vancouver Police and the Vancouver Police Dog contingent.   I would prefer that criminals hurt in the pursuit of crimes have to pay for their healthcare.  I don't think I should have to pay for health care and know that guys who attack the police and get hurt get their health care paid for.  They could at least get a bill for the damages they do. I've been hoping to hear that the Canucks rioters will have their incomes garnisheed for the next 5 years at least to pay for some of the damages businesses and tax payers and volunteers have had to pay.
CBC stopped being silly and stupid.  The vast majority of us are not criminals and we are the ones that are paying your salary.  Stop smoking BC Bud and report the news straight.   CBC stop supporting the violence and hooligans because your cheerleader is going to policemen and citizens killed.  A note should go out if the police are called up upon to help the CBC they should bring only goldfish, gerbils and toy poodles as back up. Better too, muzzle the goldfish.

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