Thursday, January 19, 2012

Dental Clinic, Coco Beach, Quanacastre, Costa Rica -Dr. Daianna Morales Q.,Odontological Integral

I had a temporary filling put in a tooth in Canada.  The dentist said I 'd need a crown.  It would mean taking time off from work. I'm too busy this time of the year.  Time off is expensive. I don't consider a dental procedure a 'vacation', just more work. The dentists in latin american countries come highly recommended for regular procedures for healthy individuals. They are often American trained and see a lot of people.  The cost is often a third the price of the same procedure in the US or Canada.  I was attending a medical course at the Hotel Pagagayo.  There were very good recommendations for dentists elsewhere in Costa Rica but the dentists i talked to on the phone were hours away from where I was staying.  The reception at Hilton said they had only good recommendations for Dr. Morales.
I had an appointment booked by the battery on my rental car died overnight. Thrifty replaced it but I was going to be late and had to book for the next day.  This was unfortunate because a crown would take at least 5 or 7 days and two visits.  If I'd made the first visit I'd have been able to get the crown. As it was I had a regular filling which hopefully will last till I get to see my dentist friend in Mexico on another visit or bite the bullet, take time off from work in Canada and see my extraordinarily good dentist there.
Dra. Dianna Morales secretary is a delight. She's a regular fashion model. Her English is just fine. Her personality is helpful and uplifting.  It turns out that Dr. Morales husband is the doctor in the medical clinic next door. I believe they share the same secretary. I met him briefly. Handsome bright young man who was helping an elderly gent in a most caring manner. Dra. Dianna Morales was beautiful, young, in her 30's, well dressed, very professional, excellent English. She reminded me of my female medical colleagues.   Very competent with a sense of humor and yet no  nonsense.  She wore gloves and everything about the clinic was hygeinic.  The equipment reminded me of  what might be found typically general dentist office in Canada.
I had a painless comfortable procedure which was done efficiently. The price was $60 about half what I'd pay in Canada for a similiar procedure. She was sorry that the lab would not have been able to get the cast back in time for me to have a crown done.  I was satisfied. My tongue which had been bothered no end by the chipped off tooth was happy.
The best part was no time off work. It was on holidays so a kind of adventure in tha context. But the best of all was that I could recuperate beside the pool lying around doing absolutely nothing wholly guilt free. I highly recommend Dra. Daianna Morales. I also suspect her husband whose English was also excellent would be a good choice for a medical consultation if the need arose.DSCN9897.


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