Thursday, January 19, 2012

Birds of Quanacaste, Costa Rica

I love bird watching. My parents introduced me to this as a child. I actually followed in my older brother's footsteps.  (Ron Hay -  Today his bird pictures are displayed in natural museums and guides. We both follow in the footsteps of a scottish uncle who took seagull pictures for audubon.  When as a young man  I met the  deaf white haired old gent why he specialized in seagulls.  With typical Scottish economy, he'd answered in his thick brogue, "No shadows."
I'm booked to go on a tour in the rainforest later this week. I'll take my camera along then. These are just a few of the birds I 've seen so far, either around the grounds of Hilton Papagayo or at Coco Beach.
The orange fronted parakeet sits on the tree outside my room.
DSC 0301DSC 0302DSC 0299The boat billed flycatcher is fairly common around the hotel grounds.DSC 0331DSC 0328DSC 0334I love watching the antics of the pelican. I think this is just called the brown pelican.DSC 0319Without my uncle or brother to consult with I think these may be Royal TernsTerns. The Laughing Gull is seen locally but it's whole head is black not just the cap. DSCN9892DSCN9888The white throated magpie jay has a little head tuft like the Canadian quail but it's behaviour is more like our stellar jay. It lands on the bar and cries "cerveza, por favou!"

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