Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Monkeys of Coco Beach, Costa Rica

As a tourist it pays to look where others are looking. As I was walking through the little sea side village of Coco Beach, I followed a man's gaze upwards to see 4 monkeys travelling through the trees over the road to the buildings beyond.  Having my Nikon D5000 digital SLR camera and 150 -  500 Sigma telephoto lens handy I was able to run under the trees and get a few shots of monkeys running free.  A local Costa Rican surgeon told me later, "Here we see them as often as you see deer up north."  The spanish word for monkey is 'mono'.  Apparently Gringos get the pronunciation of this mixed up with 'mano' which means hand.  Costa Ricans wonder whatever you want to wash your monkey or shake their monkey or some such thing in Spanish.  Here I was glad to get some pictures while watching the old and young together. DSC 0348 DSC 0349DSC 0372DSC 0352DSC 0376DSC 0359DSC 0378DSC 0343DSC 0359DSC 0367

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