Saturday, January 28, 2012

Robbie Burns Dinner - Moray Nairn & Banff Society - Scottish Cultural Centre

Another great year of Scottish Dance, Song and Haggis. The little gold medalist  dancer Erin was tremendous. The Stave Falls Scottish Dancers were incredible.  Bagpipes and the piper were the best.  Laidlaw's Ode to the Haggis a true treat.  Mad Celts music rousing.  Lorne came in from Chilliwack. Judith flew in from Australia. Laura and I love the Moray Nairn and Banff Society. Each year their  Robbie Burns Dinner at the Scottish Cultural Centre seems better than the year before.  I love Haggis!IMG 0554IMG 0555IMG 0560IMG 0564IMG 0578IMG 0579IMG 0581

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