Friday, January 20, 2012

Snorkelling Quanacaste Costa Rica

I loved snorkelling in Quanacaste in January. It wasn't hot like Cancun.  The water wasn't as clear as Sea of Cortez.  I didn't see the big fish like groupers and tuna in close to shore like I did in Hawaii and the Mariana Islands.  Still there was a lot to see and pretty good visibility.  Most of the fish pictures I took were right off the beach at the Hilton Papagayos.  Though I'd brought my own snorkel and mask I was able to sign out flippers for free there.  The mottled green and brown fish posed for me off Coco beach. That's where I saw the herd of dozens of fish all about a foot across. That's the size of the puffer fish I saw off the Papagayos beach too.  Given the limits of my underwater camera, a Canon IXY with plexiglass housing, all the fish were within arms length.  I took some pictures of the coral because my brother has salt water tanks and grows it. I was most impressed with the blue worm like things sticking out.  IMG 3959IMG 3957IMG 3938IMG 3986IMG 3967IMG 3985IMG 3961IMG 3936IMG 3989IMG 3990IMG 4008IMG 3997IMG 3924IMG 3982IMG 3983IMG 3974IMG 4005IMG 3973IMG 3922IMG 4004IMG 3984IMG 3970

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