Friday, January 20, 2012

Gratitude today

Thank you for the sunshine today Lord. Thank you for breath.  I awake and have running water and in door plumbing. I am grateful that. Yes, and the tooth brush and tooth paste. This internet is something else too. Another way to stay in touch with friends and family. I am thankful for the senses that allow me to connnect with others and communicate. I appreciate nature Lord. Thank you for these eyes that see the birds and flowers, scenery and sky I so enjoy.  Thank you for the sounds too. I like the sound of ocean lapping on the beach.  Thank you for the people who are friendly and thoughtful too.  I am looking forward to breakfast and am thankful for the good food I eat each day.  I am thankful for my body and the movement and feel of living.  I am thankful for this life Lord. Guide me that I may use it best to your design. May I be of more service to you today.  Thank you for my loved one in the distance and especially for my father who is sick today.  Help him in his trial and stand with my brother and his family as they are close to my father helping him day by day. Thank you for my childhood and the love and care of my family. Thank you for my education , the excellent teachers I was blessed to have, the incredible learning and the work that followed.  Thank you Lord.

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