Saturday, January 21, 2012

Quanacaste Costa Rica - just out and about

I'm staying at the the Hilton Papagayos Resort and Spa. I was here for the Medical Studies Abroad "Basic Medical Spanish" course.  It's the end of January and the weather has been excellent, hot, with no rain. I've not worn a jacket or sweater the whole time I've been here. Mostly shorts, t shirts and sandals. DSCN9899I completed the course and got the certificate.  I booked a couple of days extra for scuba diving and hiking in the nearby national park where the hotsprings and zip lining in the jungle is.  Those pictures are to come. We've had time off in the day for sightseeing and I rented a car so could drive about a bit.  There's a lot of bicycling here and also motorcycling.  I found the driving a bit 'aggressivo' in Liberia but in the countryside it's been okay. The beautiful modern white church is in the centre of Liberia. Night time was worse and I suspect that some of the other drivers may have been drinking despite that being very heavily penalized here.  I'd certainly recommend day time driving in the Quanacastre region.  I was also out snorkeling on a boat dive and loved it. DSCN9903DSCN9904IMG 4009DSCN9874IMG 3959DSCN9927DSCN9875DSCN9964DSCN9870DSCN9961DSCN9935DSCN9899DSCN9957DSCN9909IMG 3934DSCN9930DSCN9932DSCN9931DSCN9908IMG 0499DSCN9971

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