Friday, January 13, 2012

Lighted Dogs In Late Night School Yard

Laura and I walked Gilbert to the local school yard. We'd just watched Apollo 18.  It was Friday night.  We thought it was late. We didn't really expect to see others there. Yet there were all these low flying fireflies dashing to and fro.  Near them were the dark outlines of humans huddled together chatting merrily. Closer, I let Gilbert off his leash. He bolted off to join the lights now rushing towards him.  Then he was off in the swirl of shadow and light.

After some time watching them, half listening to the conversations about, I called Gilbert to return. He'd run the length of the school yard a dozen times over in a fierce game of tag and chase.

"I'd like him to have a light like that, " Laura said. "I can't see him in the dark."

I could but a light on a dog really would be a safety feature.

"I'll get him one tomorrow," I said.  "I really want him to keep up with the pugs."

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