Sunday, January 8, 2012

Gratitude List January 2012

Thank you God for this life. Thank you for the lives of those around me. Thank you for my family and friends. Thank you even for my enemies as they are my greatest instructors.  Thank you for the light and the darkness. Thank you for love and healing. Thank you for Gilbert, my dog and Angel, my cat. Thank you for the colours. Thank you for the sun and the stars. Thank you for the forests and grass. Thank you for all I eat and the air I breathe. Thank you for the vegetables, grains, the birds and animals. Thank you for running water and hot and cold. Thank you for showers especially in the morning, hot showers in the morning. And beds. comfortable beds. Thank you for all the working parts of my body and for the uses I'm able to make with it. Thank you for speech and lips. Thank you for morning coffee and the various coffee machines and milk and honey.  I especially thank you for honey and for oils and butter. Thank you for scenery, the views, and the sky and clouds, the sea and mountains. And thank you for technology, the vehicles and cameras and machinery and microscopes and stethescopes and xrays. Thank you for music and books. Thank you for churches and temples and places of worship. Thank you for prayer and meditation.  Thank you for mandarin oranges, lime and lemons. Thank you for butter. Thank you for cell phones and portable computers with the libraries of the world. Thank you for knowledge and games like hockey and chess. Thank you for radio, my hamm radio and am and fm and yes even CBC.. Thank you for electric blankets and razors and soap and soft toilet paper. And clothes. Thank you for warmth and cool breezes.  Thank you for safe harbours and fair winds. Thank you for motorcycles and RV's and campgrounds and motels and jet planes and holidays and vacations. Mostly thank you for work and the opportunity to be of service and the rewards of service.  Thank you for my colleagues and yes Lord, thank you for the authorities, the government and the College of Physicians and Surgeons, Minister of Health, even the Attorney General and of course the Prime Minister, Nato, the United Nations and the United States and Britain. Don't forget Asia the Middle East  or Australia. All the nations of the world sepecially the islands especially Saipan. Thank you for history and archeology and anthropology and psychiatry and medicine and surgery. Thank you for community and all the services of caring and all the inventions and the businesses and innovation.  Thank you again for my family, my friends, my work, my love, my play. Thank you for smells but mostly thank you for the pleasant ones and perfumes. Thank you for senses and dreams but mostly thank you for those moments I feel mostly at one with you. Oh yea and thank you for sex and memory, I just remembered.

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