Saturday, February 18, 2012

Facebook Censorship

The new censorship is to say that an individual is 'unsafe'.  I have been deemed unsafe. I can only believe this is because my writing has consistently been against the 'politically correct' and indeed questioned the politics of facebook itself. Naturally if you question a god like institution that has power well beyond the CIA, then you will be eliminated.  Historically the 'smear' to any ideas, and my ideas only became smeared when I questioned the extremism of the radical left, the radical feminist agenda  or the use of 'dirty political tricks' like the Julian Assange honeypot. I'm interested in the technique of calling anyone who criticizes Israeli high seas piracy as 'anti semetic' even though within Israel huge numbers of jews objected to international terrorism by the state.  Equally I objected to the 'protection' of the Jews having sex with children by calling the critics 'anti semetic'. I object no less to the shaming of those Iranians who object to their leadership by calling them fallen muslims. All this 'ad hominem' rhetoric in politic needs to be seen in the light that if there was a sound argument it would be used instead. When people stoop to low blows they have indeed lost the high ground. Censorship is a form of 'low blow'.  The Iron Curtain was established to keep people from leaving just as the Bamboo Curtain defines the area where Christians are persecuted and the Holy Bible is not allowed.

I don't think there is a 'centre' in facebook that does this censorship but the 'politically correct' 'profit only' facebook has this 'safe' feature which like 'crime stoppers' encourages people 'report abuse'. Yet individually I've never learned what the 'abuse' is or why repeatedly I'm 'black listed' only to be restored later at some point presumably when the 'facebook police' investigate and find that my only abuse is to be individual.  Also it may be Facebook wars with Google and the blocking of bloggers, interfering and messing with them to encourage them to write on Facebook rather than simply cut and paste.  This may be Facebook business policy and given their history is a reasonable explanation.

That said, in the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver, if a single mother objects to anything politically her political opponent will report her to the child protection services as a bad mother.

This is what has happened to Julian Assange.  He's a ccused of rape because the condom broke having sex with a woman. Were it not for Naomi Wolf's quick response on behalf of women and dismissal of the honeypot I'd believe that women really shouldn't have been given the vote. That said I'm living in Canada where despite years of vapid radical feminism we've had a Queen who is by no means male and right now the richest person, a multi billionaire, in Australia is a woman. So the whole premise of the need to 'protect the girls from badness' and that whole era of false chivalry is deplorable as a parady the real chivalry of old when women and children were valued.

Facebook, until it addressed this area of radical abuse, is complicit in the censorship and the frightening thing is that anyone or group or Facebook itself can use it to ensure that only 'politically correct' communication occurs.

Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

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