Friday, February 3, 2012

Above My Pay Grade

Whenever  I listen to CBC news or most evening news for that matter, it seems the political and economic concerns are way above my pay grade.Any time I have taken the time to do an indepth search of our Prime Minister's decision making it's clear to me that there it's not the simple black and white of partisan concerns or the paranoid pandering of media pundits.  The choices are few with a multitude of moving parts and competing agendas.  I like to knock the Prime Minister of Canada, the President of the US, the Generals, RCMP leadership, CIA and Money funds etc.  I question, I poke, I make fun, I joke I wonder but in the end I rarely know more than what Canadian Air Farce or David Letterman knows.  I'm forced to put my faith in the ship of state and trust that America is on the right track.  I have spent half my life worried that the powers that be will lead us into cataclysmic nuclear war or destroy the planet with some horrible toxins. These days I worry more I'll be out on the streets pushing a Safeway cart competing with my friend who fears he would be pushing a Superstore cart. I told a woman having fears of retirement and she quickly hoped she'd have a Costco cart because they're bigger and stronger. Maybe I should develop a rickshaw house that can be towed about for all of us who won't be able to afford a home in the modern cities and don't want to go back to dormitories.
The fact remains that life is good and I know my 'bit' of the equation. I do my work well and in the big scheme of things I suspect even the poticians, judges, beurocrats and judges are doing their bits well. I 'd rather my bit than their bit.  I don't know how many competing interests and special interests groups are vying for the attention of the world leaders who are being pressured by powerful and rich and armed local and international forces. But the fact is it's all about my pay grade.  I've enough to do managing my own affairs and trying to do the best work I can.
If I have an attitude of gratitude life goes better. With prayer I'm comforted and life goes better.  But often there's a crack in the armor and listening to the news I'm overwhelmed. There's so much darkness and discouragement reported in the media that I really must shut it off like I do fast foods when my stomach gets sensitive.  I can only tolerate a day or two of grease before I get a belly ache.
Listenting and thinking about politics, economics and world affairs has that effect on me.  It causes me gas.
I think it's because there's a sense I should do something about it.  Further there's this message of paranoia that I can't trust the leaders.  Yet I trust that God is loving and though I was thoroughly convinced I"d not live past 30 and the Russians and Americans would blow up Canada and the rest of the world this simply did not happen. The Berlin Wall fell. All manner of good things happened. And I continued to muddle along.
So I think there's alot to be said for focussing on what one has in the day and directly in front of them. Alot of stuff is simply above my pay grade.  And frankly I'm not sure I want any other job but the job of being me and managing my life.  I feel for the trials and tribulations of leadership and though I am less than deferential at the end of the day I admire those who are working to keep the world muddling along.
Thank you God for the men and women who hold positions of leadership in politics and economics and help them with their difficult tasks and tiresome decision making.

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