Thursday, February 24, 2011

Julian Assange extradited

Julian Assange is being extradited to Sweden where a dumb blond thought a condom was a hazmat suit and insists Julian wasn't wearing one. Worse yet she insists the sex occurred while she was asleep.
The Americans are naturally pleased as they believe Julian Assange all along has been concealling Weapons of Mass Destruction "down under".
Now they can't wait to see him exposed.
Wikileaks showed too many of the world's power brokers privates wanting.  Caught with their pants down and dresses off, on their backs, at citizens, taxpayer and democracy' expense and time, they continue to insist that the best way to cover up lies is with bigger lies.
Shame on you, England and Sweden!
Whose the third in your filthy menage a trois!


Slessed Out said...

Hi Bill. Here is an essay by the great Victor Davis Hanson on something you may be familiar with. ;)

When I grow up I want to be just like this guy.


haykind said...

Robert Bly wrote the Sibling Society. Same take on the adolescent society and entitlement. The trouble is that the Mubarak's aren't just in Egypt so there is a move to see fairer competition for leadership rather than the inbreeding that led to charge of the light brigade.