Sunday, February 20, 2011

Ballet BC Volo

Ballet BC Volo was a particular hit sensation.  The program began with Sweet, a cerebral modern dance with choreography by Shawn Hounsell.  A recital of the synaptic movement of a memory was recited with intricate and delicately powerful dance interpretation of the neurological process.  Toss of a Dice was a pas d deux from the Netherlands Dance Theatre.  Guest artists Lesley Telford and Medhi Walerski were elegantly refined with thrilling moments of encounter. First Flash also Netherlands Dance Theatre was choreographed by Jorma Elo. The set and lighting was as intimately sensitive as the dance itself.

Petite Ceremonie, World Premiere by Ballet BC with choreogrphy by Medhi Walerski was quite the event indeed. At first the children in the audience were laughing at the originality of the dancers as they seemed to be some kind of combination of Monte Python and Blue Man Group. Then almost inexplicably the dance morphed into this vocal and juggling rapturous grouping and dispersion of bodies.  This was avante garde at it's finest.  The audience leaped to its feet in applause. I felt definitely apart of something bigger than all of us. It was that kind of dance.  Transcendent.

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