Saturday, February 5, 2011

Polar Bears, The Arctic's Fearless Great Wanderers

Polar Bears, The Arctic's Fearless Great Wanderers, is Anthony Dalton's contribution to the2010 Heritage House Amazing Stories Series. As a fly in doctor in northern Canada, serving in Churchill I had many stories and close encounters with these majestic animals.  Anthony Dalton's book chronicles the very first encounters of explorers to the farthest reaches of the north. He tells stories of inuit and Europeans. He's even found tales from Siberia.  It's a great read. I'd met Churchill guide Mike Macri when I first went north with Dr HIldes.  It was fun to read Anthony's true accounts of people and places I knew.  The stories are frightening, macabre at times, and sometimes comedic.  Anthony does a marvellous job of sharing them in this great little book which I wish had been in my school library. it's certainly something anyone going to work in the north should strongly consider. 120 fast moving pages with a wealth of information as well as the latest ecological and protection data regarding the bear including discussions of the effects of climate change on habitat.. A superb read, I recommend it to all

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