Saturday, February 5, 2011

Stormy Weather

Carl Hiaason's novel Stormy Weather is another brilliant and hillarious offering from this Miami Post journalist.  A  sleazy marketting advertiser with a new video camera decides to take his newlywed wife to Florida to video the post hurricane wreckage for their honeymoon.  An illegal game farm escapes into the suburbs in the hurricane.  A beautiful woman decides this is her chance to claim injury for profit. As builders and inspectors are escaping the devastation of the hurricane every fly by night roofer scoundrel from all over the US is descending on the new found gold mine. As these misbegotten scoundrels come together less than good knights and tarnished angels appear in the most unlikely moments. I've read several of Hiaason's novels with great pleasure .This one was even more entertaining against the back drop of weather change today  and corruption in high places.  Corruption in high places seems to bring out the best in Hiasson's wit and genius.

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