Saturday, February 5, 2011


The trouble with antisemiticism, beyond being simply stupid, is that Jews are a highly divided people. Which Jews is one against.  For instance, my jewish friend is a poor jew. He only gets to sit at the back of the synagogue.  An antisemetic might well knee cap him because of his name and religous, ethnic alliance. The fellow knee capping my friend would be doing it  because a rich jew had done something to him. Some rich powerful jew had hurt him so he was going to get back at my friend.

Rich powerful people have more in common with each other than they do with others in their racial or ethnic affiliation.  Lawyers have more in common with other lawyers than blacks lawyers have with black washroom attendants.As a white Canadian doctor I have more in common with other doctors than I even have with white Canadian flower sellers.

Jews are divided by religion. There are secular and religious jews.  Should I hate religious jews or secular jews. As a Christian I have much more in common with religious jews than I have in common with those sons of bitches secular shits that are like non jewish sons of bitches secular shits.

Canadian Jews may have more in common with American Jews than I as a Canadian have with Americans however being Scottish Canadian I have more in common with people of Scottish heritage around the world than tribal jews have with highlanders.  Highlanders collectively consider all lowlanders, including jews, as inferior.  Jews might well consider us that way and demonstrate their ignorance of God's plan.

Just as there are Moslem Shiittes and Sunnis making it hard to hate all moslems since the two groups are as different as  Ashkenazi Jews are from Sephardic Jews. Ashkenazi's are as different from Sephardics, since Askenazi's are like New Yorkers and Sephardics being like Los Angeleians.  While it's easy to hate people from either eastern or western United States its hard not to like people from Wisconsin.

Among the secular jews there are pro israelites and anti israelites.  There are actually secular Jews who think that American jews should enshrine a part of Manhatten and compete with Israel for American militarial industrial foreign aid.

Among religious Jews there are three major divisions as well as slough of lesser divisions. The guys who dress funny to the western secular eyes are the "Orthodox".  They are not that disimiliar to Fundamentalist Christians or Jihad spouting conservative Muslims.  Politically they can be as off the wall as house burning Dukabors.  Spiritually though these orthodox and conservative religious sects of mainstream religions are often much more touched and deeply moved.  Miracles are more likely to occur in an orthodox setting than in a liberal religious afternoon coffee clutch of an Anglican church.

The American reform jews or British Liberal jews don't even believe a jew is a jew if they convert to another religion.  Leonard Cohen despite his jewishness might well be a buddhist by common law traditions. Jesus Christ started out a Jew and ended up a Christian.

That's the trouble with antisemiticism. You simply don't know which jew is a bad jew.  Peter was a jew and became a Catholic.  If antisemeticism said we should get rid of jews it might be safe to get rid of jewish plumbers but what about jewish musicians.

If a bunch of purpled eyed scaley blue and orange skinned people started killing white people I'd find a lot in common with other white people and skip the differences. I'd even see Ukranians and Irish as brothers in such a case.  War and survival like politics makes strange bedfellows.  I might even think natives and Italians were white and consider blacks just well tanned white if there were a whole lot of purpled eyed scaley blue and orange skinned people threatening me personally.

Locally when a rabbi raped a woman people who criticized him and the cover up were not 'antisemetic' any more than the catholics who objected to the pedophiles who infiltrated the catholic church, were anti catholic..  All Italians aren't mafia and all Japanese aren't Yakuza.  Neither are east Indians all members of the Brown Army or Chinese necessarily Maoists. The Chinese devils even confuse us by speaking two languages, mandarin and cantanose.  How can one be anti Chinese without knowing whether it's the short or tall Chinese that are problematic.

Anti semetism is stupid and lazy thinking.  I was impressed this week with the Egyptians.  They were specific. They'd taken the time to figure out that they weren't 'anti government', or 'anti authoritarian' but specifically said they were 'anti mubarek'.  I think anyone who doesn't like a jewish person should take the time and energy to be specific.   Mubarek of course tried to say that his critics were anti Egyptian but that's what tyrants say when they want to hide their dirty individual deeds in the group.

I personally am a fan of Einstein and think he probably had Scottish Canadian blood in him.






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