Saturday, February 12, 2011

Federico's Supper Club

Federico's Supper Club is literally an institution in Vancouver. I've heard about it for years and passed it on Commercial Street many times, saying, "I just have to go one night."  I've even got so far as to drop by only to find the place packed. Now for 3 years I've tried to book a dinner on Valentine's.  Each year I was too late.  This year I booked two weeks in advance and got an early sitting.
It was best that it was the early sitting.  Friday night I'm not the guy I once was.  Laura looked smashing. Parking was easy.  The club was spectacular.  The band comes on at 10 pm and the dance floor is famous.
Federico is too, because he is a godsend to the community, supporting  all manner of charitable function and taking a central role in the hub of Vancouver party life. Even that day, telling people I was going to Federico's, his praise was sung. by all.  A true gentleman.
There were two long tables of birthday celebrations with young to old involved.  Laura loved stepping back into Italy.  We'd just been in the fall and everything about Federico's speaks to the enchantment of that boot shaped island.
A guitarist played throughout the meal.  I haven't heard such a mistrol of guitar in years.  Collectively we all stopped eating to applaud his intricate renditions of Chris de Burgh's Lady  in Red, so appropriate for a Valentine's evening, and Cohen's Hallelujah, such a wish  for love.
The service was  the best.  White table cloth settings with aproned waiters. I was dressed in a black suit with a black harley davidson tie but half the guys, especially the younger ones, were dressed in shirts and slacks.   Everyone seemed thoroughly intent on our having a fine dining experience.  $45 to $55 dollars were the fixed 3 and 4 course meals with amazing choice. The chef is of course one of the city's finest.  Only the best at Federico's.
The carpachio was delicate perfection.  Laura loved her steak.  I ordered rabbit pasta. I''ve shot my share of rabbits and make a mighty fine rabbit stew myself..  "You know rabbit is a traditional Italian favourite." the waiter commented. And cooked as superbly as it was I was not surprised. It really may have been better than my traditional stew. I loved the sauce that much.
Tiramesu desserts and coffee.  The guitarist played his last song. The band was coming on stage.  It was 10 30  pm. I looked at Laura and said, "Dear, I don't thihnk I can stay awake any longer. Would you mind terribly if we left".
"Of course not, dear, " she said, "It's been a fabulous meal and I've had a lovely time." I was so glad to have picked Laura as my valentine date.
Younger I would have left early to get back to bed to ravish her. If anyone deserved ravishing it was her.   Today 11 pm is bedtime and after midnight I turn into a snoring toad.
That's the trouble with being well fed at my age. After such a fine meal, you want to sleep not dance no matter that dancing is right up there with flossing for wholesome.
We'll just have to return for a Saturday night.  I'm better on Saturday and with an early nap I could probably catch the famous floor shore.  Federico's is certainly a place to keep coming back to.


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