Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Avalon by the Sea

The Avalon organization was begun in Vancouver by women who saw a need for women to help women in recovery. Women who had themselves addressed addictions and freed themselves from the bondage of limitations banded with other women to create a special place where women alone could heal from the ravages of their various compulsive illnesses.

First there was one Avalon, a home like atmosphere where women could come and share. 12 step meetings were set up with day care and eventually a wide variety of recovery resources were available in one place where women could be safe and share intimacies, trials and tribulations of the detours their lives had taken them on before they found a straight path out of the darkness into the light of day. Together in Avalon they returned to community, schools, employment and family.

This first Avalon spawned another in Vancouver. The second was equally cherished as the first. Professionals faced with women who have developed addictions to alcohol, drugs, food, sex can encourage women to begin their walk in the world of recovery through the portals of Avalon. Too often women already preyed on for their beauty, youth, sexuality and money when the party scenes turned rough need a private place away from men where they can find sanctuary.

Today Avalon by the Sea is the latest of the Avalon's. Avalon by the Sea is even now developing in White Rock with the plan to open it's doors in summer of 2011. These safe shelters of meeting spaces where women can find understanding, others who will listen, and those who will share and support each other on the journey back to full functioning members of community are a god send. The children of so many find the adults there protective and kind. The women in recovery help those who are following in their footsteps.

Avalon is unaffiliated. They're independent and self sustaining. They are truly a grass roots charitable organization, high minded and down to earth. Already businesses and individuals in the White Rock region are rallying to support the opening of the newest of these jewels for women who can't say enough about how helpful Avalon has been to them in their times of need.

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