Monday, February 14, 2011

First Valentine

It was an icky time for boys
In first and second grade,
Making valentines for girls
With numbers picked from hats.

The girls preprogrammed  to be psychotic stalkers
Read all things into the random hat picked moments.

My first valentine, a really big girl,  tried to kiss me after we exchanged cards,
There in class, in front of all the boys and girls..
But I knew girls had cooties, so fended her off with an elbow .
She jabbed me back with a quick right lip splitting upper cut.

You dear, can kiss me.   I wouldn't fend you off.
I know girls don't have cooties.

Though maybe she still does, my first valentine
The one with the quick right upper cut.
No doubt languishing in some women's prison
With her own bitch for a girlfriend.

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