Monday, February 28, 2011

Ron and Adell's Home

Every time I visit my brother's family, seeing my Dad and nephews I realize just how much activity is a daily part of Ron and Adell's lives. They've both had outstanding careers with their own collection of interests, sports and activities. They've even had dogs.  But beyond that there are these once children now young men and now their friends passing through their house.  Dad had become tired walking around the Canadian Aviation Museum remember his days as a young man as an RCAF Lancaster bombadier in WWII.  Why not rest at Ron and Adell's for a little peace and quiet.  There's no peace a quiet.  There's constant activity but it's obvious Dad likes being there with all the hustle and bustle going on around him.  Allan, the youngest, now bound for university psychology was playing with Gilbert who was more than happy to chase and retrieve a tennis ball.  Andrew, the geologist in making, gamer extraordinare and his artist friend Tania were making a game console for the university.  Graeme, chemical engineer and film maker  meanwhile was setting up his telescope disappointed in new cloud cover, for astronomical photography.  In the midst of this they all would periodically text and receive texts from various friends and projects they were involved in while they interacted here in the home, kindly including me in their controlled chaos and creativity. It was just a day in the life.  The Oscars were about to start.  And at  some point Ron and Adell having been  busy barbecuing and in the kitchen called everyone to the table. We ate.  The best photos are always the ones on the refridgerator where the greatest art appears. The most deserving of Oscars are the family productions.  Dad&Graham.jpg Allan.jpgAndrew&Tania.jpgAndrew&Tania2.jpgTania.jpgGraeme.jpgGraeme2.jpgGreameAndrewTania.jpg

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