Monday, February 7, 2011

The Social Network

I just watched this movie about the development of Facebook.  Wikipedia says that Mark Zuckerberg was born Jewish but now describes himself as an aetheist. Knowing God doesn't unfriend people I have no difficulty after watching this movie knowing why Zuckerberg has unfriended God.

It's a disturbingly sad statement on American business which seems to say that one must be a psychopath to become a billionaire. Is this true?

The Zuckerberg story is Duddy Kravitz but without the depth, intelligence or sophistication of that Canadian Jewish classic.

Despite the disclaimers about his worship of Baal and money, by  Zuckerberg , I can't help but think that any philanthropy done now by him would ultimately be for some financial advantage such as tax breaks.

The Olympian sportsmen Winklevoss twins, Cameron and Tyler  and their cofounder, East Indian Divya Narendra had developed the ideas and code for ConnectU, the Harvard University prototype for Facebook. The Winklevoss father, was Wharton School professor of actuarial science and author of mathematical text books. Tyler studied classical piano for 12 years beginning at age six while the twins self taught themselves HTML at age 13.

Mark  by all accounts except perhaps his own created a gucchi look alike but subsequently lost a lawsuit for some 100 million dollars to the original genius behind facebook.  Eduardo Saverin, the Brazilian jew and apparently the only 'friend' Mark had, provided all the start up funds for Facebook without knowing that  the idea was a 'rip off.  He was later blind sided by Mark who in an entertaining sleight of hand stole his principal share in Facebook. Not surprising at this time the company and it's senior members were involved in apparent cocaine abuse.  Eduardo lawsuit against his reptilian friend returned his name to cofounder and resulted in undisclosed millions of profit.

It's a sad statement for America that China doesn't even want to friend Facebook to be able to unfriend it.

The confidential court files were published in magazine 02138 and Facebook took court action to squelch them. The judge ruled against Facebook.  A Manhatten publication bought the Harvard related magazine and ceased it's publication.

Mark Zuckerberg was named Time magazine's Person of the Year for 2010.  He joined Hitler and Stalin who also were named Time Person of the Year.  .

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