Monday, February 28, 2011

Feeding the birds with Dad and Ron

My brother, Ron, the photographer, takes beautiful bird pictures. A major part of his success is knowing where the birds are.  The other part is carrying bird seed.  Dad and he often go to his special place in the woods around Kanata where the chickadees and nuthatches will gladly feed out of your hands.  Gilbert, the dog, had to stay in the car.  Cats are definitely unwelcome.  The squirrels though are glad that the entertaining birds bring them such bounty. One actually wonders if these furry tailed fellows aren't their agents the way the hang about in the background waiting for their cut after the show.  bird0.jpgbirds1.jpgsquirrel2.jpgbirds2b.jpgbirds3.jpgbirds3.jpgbirds4.jpgbirds5.jpgsquirrel1.jpgsquirrel2.jpg

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