Friday, February 11, 2011

War Criminals

A few people are in charge of the world.  Because I'm a legal law abiding citizen I choose to believe that these people are good. Most of what I am is a product of 'thesepeople'.  E.E. Cummings may well have called 'thesepeople' 'thosepeople'.
I'm just a little suspect about how truly correct they are in their assessment of performance.  I, like billions of others, are assessed maybe a little above average, but decidedly inferior to themselves.  These people have also 'fixed' the games that I've played and 'fixed' the news that I've heard and 'fixed' the competitions I've encountered most of my life so even the beauty contests are often just what they find 'beautiful'.
I don't want to be seen as "treasonable" but I've found some of the beauty queens pretty ugly. It's just my opinion but people go to jail or asylums for speaking their mind especially if it doesn't accord with political correct group think.
I don't like the survivalist series or American Idol. It's not something I've shared with others. I fear sharing alot of the time. Indeed whenever I speak from my heart I'm beginning to look over my shoulder. Thesepeople would call me paranoid but I kind of think they're looking over their shoulder so much that their heads rotate like Carrie and they may have forgotten where their hearts are.  Not only that they pay people to look over their shoulders.
So when it comes to war criminals I just think that the 'winner takes all'.  Maybe these guys are war criminals. Maybe these girls are war criminals too.  But just like I've seen more beautiful women outside of beauty contests maybe they're not getting all the war criminals or maybe they're making a mistake with some of the war criminals.
It's just that as I've got older and watched what's going on awhile I see words like 'war criminals' and they kind of remind me of the 'peacemaker missile'.  I grew up on 'peacemaker missiles' and the 'war to end all wars' .  The missiles haven't brought peace and the wars haven't ended war.  So that just about says what I think about 'war criminals' in general.
Now I hope that Homeland Security doesn't arrest me for not thinking their cover girl in hot tight uniform is pretty.

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