Sunday, August 8, 2010

Inflight WiFi

I'm pumped. I'm on a Delta flight apparently somewhere over Denver according to the Ipad gps locator en route from Minneapolis to Vancouver. It cost me $9.95 on my Visa. I don't really need it. But it's the same cost as a movie might be and really I'm enjoying the experience. It's a first.

I was impressed on the Delta flight I was on earlier that they had chargers for iphones and computers. I've just read in the SkyMall of extra iphone and cell phone batteries which also can be solar charged. The ipad battery hasn't been a concern but the iphone battery tends to run down sooner than I'd like. I used the plugs for charging in the airport but would appreciate an inflight charger on this plane especially since I've got this inflight wi fi.

In flight wi fi is a first for me. For the frequent flier it can be bought at a monthly rate of $39 dollars. I remember when I was so impressed with my first taste of wi fi. This is the latest Harry Potter novel in computer technology.

I've said the iPad is the cabbage patch doll of computer technology. I just bought my brother and nephews them as gifts. Partly it's because they're all young or old adults and it's hard to come up with gifts.

So here I am with my iPad having taken a picture with iPhone transferred it to the iPad with the camera attachment and then attached it to the blog in Blogpress. Now I'll upload it. Wow. This is as much fun as finding really flat stones and skipping them at least 10 times on a calm lake.

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