Thursday, August 19, 2010

Conspiracy Theory of Drugs and Alcohol

The first rule of conspiracy in politics is that if there is a 'cover up' there certainly was something to 'cover up'. If there is a cover up of the cover up then there was even more to 'cover up'. This is not a conspiracy theory but a thing called 'wisdom'.

When the magician moves his left hand you'll likely find a rabbit appears in his right. This is not a conspiracy "theory" but a thing called 'wisdom'.

These are some of the questions that I have asked over the last decade:

1) When there are cameras all over why is only one picture released to the media of the plane crashing into the pentagon? Asking this question I don't say I know whether a plane did or did not crash into the pentagon, I solely express the concern that either the Pentagon or the Media are withholding evidence from the public. Commonly presenting 'selective' evidence to the public is an act of manipulation of public opinion. Who would benefit from manipulating public opinion. It's always wise to look for conflicts of interest and ask who benefits from any particular opinion. There is often money somewhere in the issue. As money is the 'root' of all evil, it's often necessary to look at the roots of a thing.  You don't need to dig up rose bushes the way you did up weeds.

2) Hence I asked recently why the Israelis only released one picture of their terrorist attack on a vessel in international waters. There were 50 photographers and thousands of pictures taken. It follows if only one picture is released of a sailor in international waters defending himself from an armed invasion from pirates that the 10,000 pictures not released showed the Israelis in poor light.  As a sailor I am terrified of any strangers entering my boat when I'm at sea especially masked men with guns. Why are certain issues kept front and centre in the media whereas others die a quick death? It is not Anti American or unpatriotic to question George Bush or Obama and it is not Anti Semitic to question Israeli leadership and an Israeli attack on vessels in international waters. If people say these things are unpatriotic or antisemitic this constitutes a 'cover up'. Why would they be 'covering up' something if there was nothing to 'cover up'. I don't consider people Anti Canadian when they question Harper or Ignatieff. Is this because Canadians really are more reasonable people than we actually think we are and that as educated as we are we're not as prone to the stupidity that so often seems a part of the International scene. Canadians are content to work and not kill each other unless absolutely necessary. Canadians don't attack vessels in international waters and don't invade other countries. They are the only country that has won a war (1812 - Americans tried to invade Canada - go figure) against the US to date so it's not because Canadians can't kick ass.  I know there are Israelis who did not agree with their government attacked unarmed sailors in international waters.  They are not antisemetic to think this.  I have some reserve about Canadians continuing to be in Afghanistan (especially if they're there without the proper equipment) and questioning this doesn't make me anti Canadian.  Isn't that whole discussion of 'either you're for us or agin us' the stuff of mobsters and gangsters and not the stuff of democracy and enlightenment.

3) In 9-11 why did the building implode like a wreckers site? How come the insurance was supposedly changed on the buildings ie who benefitted financially following the attack. Where did the money go that was apparently in the basements nearby? But mostly how come no jet fighters were deployed? Certainly it was a mess so why were so many people 'promoted' when normally people in charge of security and monitors and such would get demoted if they failed at their job?

4) How come America attacked Iraq when Bin Laden was a Saudi Arabian? Would it not make more sense to attack Saudi Arabia on that basis?

5) Why does asking questions in a democracy cause people to be called 'subversive?"

6) Since there were no 'weapons of mass destruction' why has America remained in Iraq. Given that France was supplying arms to Iraq why haven't the Americans done more than shout fowl abuse at the French if this wasn't anything more than a pepsi versus coca cola squabble. If France was the real culprit in the bad business game and America didn't invade France does that mean America only picks on little countries. This would make good sense because the first rule of war is do not attack the big guy. I have always encouraged Canadians to invade a polynesian island with nice beaches rather than invade the US since we really don't want a lot of what the US offers, though the people are pretty neat and I like their tv shows. In fact I'd be glad to have all the Americans move to Canada if they left their politics at home.  I'd really like them to give us NASA and Disneyland if the truth be told.  I also like their freedom of speech but don't like that they're jailing more Americans per capita perhaps than the Communists did in the Gulag. At least they don't kills the Poles and Ukranians like Stalin did.  And their universities are full of brilliant men and women who don't seem to have influenced the political and media scene particularly well.

6) Why is it in the so called freedom of the Western world, this place where there is no dictatorship and we are supposedly not the 'evil empires' I feel afraid even asking these questions. I don't know if there is any wrong doing but because the so called 'investigations' were supposed to 'clear matters' up since they didn't seem to address the principal concerns about money and such but rather went "paranoid defensive" I was left dissatisfied and wondering if the 'investigations' weren't a cover up. Yes I appreciate that American politics is Democrats and Republicans and that all governments attempt to blame external matters for their failures on internal affairs. It's just that I truly want to believe the governments are doing the right things for the right reasons rather than believing the sad alternative that a few rich "bad people" are screwing with the world and the planet.  I liked Carlin and that was his final take on things. Kurt Vonnegut another of my favourites had about the same to say in his last book Galapagos.  I'd rather have hope and faith but it seems to be getting harder. Is that the media or the government or just that I'm getting old?

7) I recognize that it may be in the media's interest to confuse the issue and thereby sell 'news'. Increasingly I think that all this is all above my pay grade.  It's like Washington, Ottawa, Victoria, London, New York are all little Mount Olympuses and I'm this peasant on the hill hoping to see a host of angels while I'm tending the sheep.  I used to say 'Beam me up Scotty" .   Yet I'm apparently 'intelligent' and 'informed' so that if I, being in the top 1% of society on these matters am confused and frankly scared then 99% of society is likely to be equally if not more confused and scared. Alternatively they're impotent or accept that it's best not to question and treat politics like a sports game. Frankly I'm for the Canucks so don't question my team or I'll give you a black eye.  In politics it's called "limiting the terms of reference".

8) Why did people stop talking about how we were all going to die if we used insect repellant because the ozone layer was going to leave us like the fickle God of Moses and go save some other planet? Yet after the Mount Hellenas eruption injected eons of aerosol spray cans into the environment and we all didn't fry, we still don't hear about the death by aerosol can? Do people just forget these things like the millions of religious nuts who got it wrong and we didn't die at 2000 so we're all supposed to get our mourning suits ready for 2014 because they had the date wrong and its the Mayan calendar that's right. Give me a break.

9) Why is it that the news is forever talking about sex and everyone is concerned about politicians sexual behaviour and fashion when the news is telling us daily we're on the brink of another disaster.  If we're on the brink of disaster shouldn't we have a media that get's its knows out of the dirt or are they really kidding us. They don't even taken themselves seriously.

10) Why are the polar ice caps of Mars receding if 'global warming' is because I'm eating too many beans and should restrain myself.

11) It just seems that certain questions get asked and instead of people addressing those questions they do that weird kids argument that goes 'yea, you say Dick Chaney was a bad man doing that thing but what about the terrorists, man, terrorists are bad aren't they."

12) Personally I don't know. I don't even know if it's important but I am convinced of one over riding thing. Listening to the discussions of politics and the people in the media I can recognize when too many people are drinking too much alcohol and smoking too much dope. The one conspiracy I am absolutely certainly of is that there's a conspiracy to have as many people in the west drunk and stoned so that they will listen to the political crap that passes as 'news' or accept the media presentation of politics.

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Angela Dickson said...

I agree that those in power want the masses to remain enslaved by alcohol and other intoxicants so that they can't muster the mental energy to ask questions like the ones you are asking. Glad I found your blog!

Angela Dickson said...

I agree that those in power want the masses to remain enslaved by alcohol and other intoxicants so that they can't muster the mental energy to ask questions like the ones you are asking. Glad I found your blog!