Saturday, August 7, 2010

Just had lunch with Tommi who writes the blog Fantinesvoice. Her two furry stuffed characters are Carbear and Ferdie. She drives around North America in her new Diesel Bus Motorhome with her 650cc Suzuki on the back. She was telling me how much she enjoyed the movie "The Honor of All: the Story of Alkali Lake". I told her I'd been to an AA Round Up there. We'd been to the sweat lodge and enjoyed dancing in the rodeo grounds. "It's near William's Lake," she said. I hope she goes. I think her stuffed animal characters would enjoy the trip. I like how they do the commentary on her travels with their own uplifting message as well. "You should put it in a book" I said, thinking even of the simplicity of ebook publication with Amazon. "Well, they're very sophisticated bears. One will say Pathognomonic and the other will ask what's that." The fact is books like Little Prince , ostensibly for children were as much for the parents often reading the books to the children.
Motorcycle meetings and car rallies feature in the stories with great photography. "There's some 400 pages since 2009." she said.

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