Sunday, August 22, 2010

Salt Spring Island AA Round Up, 2010

It was great to arrive on Friday and get tickets. $35 each for the weekend was a steal since it covered 2 breakfasts, a place to camp and the fabulous lamb and pork roast.

Laura, Gilbert and I arrived on the Harley Electraglide, Gilbert getting all the attention perched in his box on top of the back luggage rack. We decided to stay at the Wisteria Bed and Breakfast this year so had a very elegant time of it compared to the previous year when we'd motorcycle camped, using the showers and washrooms and enjoying the comraderie of all the others there.

The Friday night speaker was inspirational. Saturday morning we slept in delighting in the Wisteria breakfast and lazing the morning away. Laura, Gilbert and I really enjoyed the opportunity to catch up on zzzs and have a little time to ourselves off the clock. We walked to Ganges and enjoyed the Artists Market having coffee in town.

The afternoon lamb roast was a treat. Seeing Margaret, Brian, Kate, Murray and a dozen or so more we see each year was a thrill. It's fun to be part of a community and reunite year after year at the same conventions and meetings. We sat outside again with Gilbert and enjoyed the Saturday night speaker thankful that the audio system carried to the back. We walked back to the Wisteria with Gilbert knowing he'd not have tolerated well being left outside if we'd stayed for the dance.

Sunday we had Beverly's exquisite breakfast, gathered up our stuff, packed Gilbert's toys, and loaded the motorcycle, arriving just in time to hear Allan Moberg. He's a remarkable island cowboy sailor singer whose Amazing Grace sends chills up everyone's spine. The morning speaker was funny with a tale too typical of the fun that goes on too long and then takes ever so long to find a solution. He was in that solution as he spoke and a joy to hear.

Laura and I bade farewell to friends and then on the motorcycle headed out. We drove to all three ferry terminals, Long Harbour, Vesuvius, and Fulford doing quite the tour of this spectacular island on the Harley Electraglyde with Creed music crescendoing out of the speakers. At Fulford we were able to catch a ride to Schwartz Bay where we transferred to the ferry taking us back to Tsawwassen. Everywhere we went Gilbert was a celebrity among the bikers.

Finally we got home uplifted from a weekend of spirituality and community. Every year I've gone to the Salt Spring Island AA Round Up I've thoroughly enjoyed myself. This was another such experience. I am truly grateful. Thank God.

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