Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Some nights I can't sleep.
Worrying about not sleeping,
I don't sleep.
It's no longer nightmares,
And beepers aren't the cause:
The phone calls rarely come
In the wee small hours anymore.
It's sometimes the heat,
Or noises, or pets
The cat walking claws out across my face
Or the dog licking my nostrils.
Just as I fall asleep, I reawake,
Only to lie awake,
Breathing and praying,
And worrying about working
Without sleep again
After decades of interrupted sleep
And the tedius tiresome days following.
Now it's probably something I ate or drank.
The book I'm reading is too fast.
There are too many moving parts in life
 I feel I'm a jugular in the circus of my life.
I'd rather be that than the strong man,
Or the clown, or the guy on the trapeze.
Whoever rides the elephant
Cleans up after the elephant.
The tigers always seem hungriest at night.
Counting sheep isn't what it's made out to be
The shepherd still worries over  missing just  one.
And the recount begins again.

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