Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Stonehaven Manor, Ottawa, Canada

Stonehave is a two story residential complex with individual rooms. Each has washroom with shower and bath. The rooms are a good sized standard bachelor suite without the kitchen area. Each has a balcony or entrance outside onto a small individual garden area. The centre is a common area for sitting. There's a lovely dining area where residents have meals served three times a day. The meals are really quite good, nutritious and with excellent service. The dining room and most of the lounge areas have a lot of windows. It's bright and spacious. The central lobby and lounge with the grand piano, winding staircase to the second floor, (there are elevators as well), comfortable couches and chairs is a favorite place for sitting and watching the world of Stonehaven. The staff really are delightful. There's a craft room and billiards, a chapel and other rooms for various activities. As well there are in house entertainments with visiting people. Weekly there are scheduled group activities out of the facility, tours, picnics etc. All the basic needs are part of the general cost whereas other services have additional costs. A nurse is part of the staff and a doctor visits the facility at least weekly. The doctor and nurse arrange lab and specialist services as indicated and staff ensure followup. It's expanded in the few years I've know the facility. Residents enjoy living here. I've been very impressed and thankful that my family have benefitted so well from the good care provided.

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