Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Gay Parade

We slept in. Gilbert slept in. It's his fault. He's been waking us at 6:30 am when he's not been waking us at 5:00 am but today he slept in. We loved it. But we were late for church. There was packing to be done for trip to see dad and the truck had to be moved so it would be safe while I was away.

We drove the Harley up to Christ Church Cathedral and realized we'd not made it here since the addition of Gilbert. We've been going to church just not 'driving' to church. Today is the Gay Parade. So we attended Christ Church, glad to hear the organ again, sorry to be late, delighted to be in the magnificent building and feeling good that we'd arrived, if only just in time to leave.

Now we're in a street side cafe outdoors on Burrard, our favorite Delicatessen, half a block from Davie. We passed Robson where the floats were gathered and masses of people were waiting for the parade to begin. I so loved the "Dikes on Bikes" last year. The newspaper says 700,000 people are expected. The cloud is burning off so the sun may break out even as the parade begins. All around rainbow boas are passing. Let the parade begin. It will be Gilbert s first. He's already excited by all the dogs that are accompanying their owners to this Vancouver event.

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Randy said...

I hope you had as good a time as Gilbert did.
I'm sure he loved all the exitment.