Friday, August 13, 2010


What a beautiful and sad movie. Colin Farrell brilliantly portrays Mark Walsh, a war photographer who returns injured mentally and physically from the Kurdestan offensive. An extraordinarily beautiful and sensitive Paz Vega plays Elena his wife and lover.
David played by the Jamie Sives and Dianne played by Kelly Reilly are friends together in the tragedy of war. A masterful Branko Djuric plays the Kurd warrior doctor with no supplies relieving suffering and triaging who will live and who will die.
Christopher Lee plays a truly believable psychiatrist who calls himself simply a 'scholar of the spirit'. The story of the war and friends and loss are told as the movie unfolds. There is a deeply moving ending for Scott Anderson's remarkable book. Director Danis Tanovic also wrote the screenplay for this lean and hard-hitting masterpiece.

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