Saturday, August 21, 2010

Salt Spring Island Arts Market

Normally Laura and I would be enjoying the breakfast done by Kiwanis at the Salt Spring Island AA Round Up. Last nights opening speaker was an inspirational joy to listen to. From alcoholic pancreatitis to health and yoga and successful sober living.

This morning Gilbert had me up at the break of dawn. A deer was in the yard outside and naturally had his full attention. I dressed and took him for a walk. The deer disappeared but the young eagles in the nest down the street had him running home to mamma. I called him back and told him I'd protect him but he'd read the article in the Province that told of all the small dog and cat collars found in an Eagle's nest. He wasn't happy till we'd got further away from that death from above. I don't understand eagle but I suspect they must have been taunting him.

I went back to bed and Gilbert bugged Laura till she got up and had a bath leaving me to sleep in. Len called to tell us breakfast was ready. Breakfast at the Wisteria is a 5 star genteel affair. Everyone there had dogs and had left them in their cars for breakfast while with Gilbert as a puppy and everything a chewy toy and us on the motorcycle, we picked up breakfast and brought it back to eat outside our room. It was simply lovely. Gilbert thinks 'food under the table' is one of God's best inventions.

We looked at the Salt Spring Island AA agenda. The Al Anon speaker was at 3 pm. The Lamb Roast followed that. Then the evening AA speaker. That meant this was the time to visit Ganges.

The Salt Spring Island Artist's market is a grand tradition. Laura picked up a unique woven purse and Gilbert got homemade smoked salmon tasties. I got Ometepe Certified Organic Fairly Traded Nicaraguan Arabica coffee. We sat on the rocks looking out at the boats enjoying yet another view of this island we love so to visit.

Then it was more wandering about the crowds looking at the quaint little stores. Given the Motorcycle has a CD player I bought Creed's Greatest Hits, Gordon Lightfoot's Greatest hits and the second Traveling Wilbury album I'd not even known existed. Gilbert kissed other dogs, tried to eat some hemp clothing on display at his level, loved meeting the doodle Violet and generally had a jolly dog time.

We've crashed for a moment at J.J. Bean's Coffeehouse where the chai tea is terrific. Laura has gone off in search of a washroom leaving me to Blog. It's a sunny fun and festive day.

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