Sunday, August 22, 2010

Wisteria Bed and Breakfast, Salt Spring Island

Our 2 night stay with Len and Beverly at the Wisteria Bed and Breakfast on Salt Spring Island couldn't have been more pleasant. Laura learned that they had been in the hotel industry for 30 years. It certainly shows. He managed a group of boutique hotels in Manhatten while she was the pastry chef of the Westin Hotel, Times Square. I loved breakfast. Each morning was different and exciting. Walking Gilbert at 6:30 am I met Len walking his cat. The couple of men who stayed with their dog Maxine in the cabin beside us had been there all week. The French girls had come in for an overnight. Laura would bring back cream for the coffee and tidbits of gossip each time she wandered off to the main house. I thought I was in a Sommerset Maugham novel. It was that kind of quaint and peaceful little place with room for a dozen guests. The young couple beside us were so romantic. While an Asian woman was very mysterious and looked like she could have been in some diplomatic service. There are various spas on the island. I imagined some of the older people must be off luxuriating somewhere, probably over by the famous Salt Spring vineyards. The young were probably kayaking or something else ever so strenuous. I missed my binoculars and telephoto camera. Some eagle or such, a very big bird at the least, had a nest in the neighbors tree and I so wanted to identify the noisy big babies. Little hummingbirds feasted outside our window. Walking Gilbert I saw deer in the yard and on the school yards. Laura and I were attending the annual Salt Spring AA Round Up at the Farmer's Institute. I can't wait for another excuse to come back and

stay with Len and Beverly dining on their incredibly scrumptious fare in the casual elegance of the guest house.

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