Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Paul Gross is simply terrific. He's Jackie Chan/Mel Gibson/Sean Connery/ and Clint Eastwood all rolled into one. Gunless is a great Canadian movie that is truly uniquely us, and definitely not US. It's a delightful satire of the American gunslinger , Monterey Kid, chased into Canada by bloodthirsty American bounty hunters, "just simple businessmen". Encountering Canadians and Canadian attitudes towards guns, Aristotle and being butt shot he undergoes profound transformation. This is naturally aided and abetted by Sienna Guillory who plays Jane Taylor. Now she's definitely a woman who could cause any man to immigrate. The RCMP are as hilarious as the doctor is sage and the blacksmith is deep. This is a very funny chick flick western that has enough horses, guns and dynamite to make a real man proud. All that was missing was hockey. No doubt ice fishing will be saved for the essential sequel.Director William Phillips.
Greg Keeler Blue Rodeo Gunless soundtrack is going to sound great on my Harley on the open highway.

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