Sunday, August 15, 2010

St. George's Anglican Church, Vancouver and Gilbert

Today started with a minor miracle. Laura, Gilbert and I were early for church. Laura, the keeper of the times, had said church began at 11:00. Gilbert liked the walk to church. He likes walks on any occasion. His enthusiasm is for the moment .
It's a small congregation with a fair mix of wisdom and youth. I feel midways in that equation. Without the children of previous Sunday's Gilbert was youngest by far.

John Marsh's homily was on Hannah's song from Samuel which is more commonly known as "Mary's Song". He talked of Hope. He talked how human life brought those few above and those many below together on the spiritual journey. He spoke Grace.

We listened as prayers of the people were shared. We sang together the hymns of praise. We shared in Peace. We gathered in a circle to participate in communion.

Finally, at the very end when community announcements were being made, Gilbert howled. It may have been the dry leaves that were swept in through the open doors of the church at that moment. It may have been his way of saying Hallellujah. Laughter filled the church.

John Marshall concluded, "One of our parishioners has brought bags of lettuce from their garden which anyone who wishes can pick up from the back," and looking with a smile at Gilbert, he concluded, "On that note, lettuce depart!"

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