Thursday, August 19, 2010

Lust of Money

"I Tim. 6:10 clearly states that it is the  LOVE  of money, NOT money itself that is the root of all kinds of evil. Money is good and a blessing of God. Abraham was blessed of god. The proof was that God made him very wealthy. According to Gal. 3:13-14 that blessing of Abraham is passed on to all believer because of the Christ's death." quotes of W.G.

This friend pointed out to me that Biblically Money is a good thing.  I couldn't agree more.  Where it says that "money is the root of all evil" it's really referring to 'love' of money.

Now our money is very pretty. Thanks to the Canadian mint it's much more colourful that the American greenbacks and somehow the pictures of the Queen give it a feminine attractiveness that so far has not been seen on American money despite the best efforts of Pallin and Hillary.  It's intrinsically loveable like a puppy.  Nice paper.  In times of severe inflation money has been beneficial as toilet paper and thankfully it's not come to that with our money but toilet paper is a good thing too.

C.S. Lewis differentiated Christian love into the 4 loves. STorge was 'affection'.  I definitely have an affection for money.  Then there is Philios or friendship. And frankly I'd like to be better friends with money but it tends to slip away and not hang out with me as much as I might desire.  Agape is a Godly love per se and when I think of all the good that money can do and have the euphoric attitude towards money as a benevolent creative force in the universe I can't see any wrong in that.  Not that I necessarily have that feeling when I have my own money in my hands but generosity has been apart of my relationship with money and I've probably used it in a Godly way so can't truly fault myself or others in this regard towards money.

Eros is another matter.  I think this is really where 'love of money' gets a deserved bad rap.  Biblically we are told that we should have no other Gods but God and yet many people, especially those called psychopaths and sociopaths put Money before God and Humans in general.  This is their pornography.  We clearly should love people more than money.

I don't lust for money.  I really don't have that feeling towards money.  But affection, yes, appreciation of the Godly works money can do yes, and for sure I'd like to be better friends with money.  Money is there fore  good and not evil .  Like any "energy" source it's how it's used, what's it's directed towards.

I once heard a telling sermon on the 'spirituality of money'.  It was about where money came from and where we directed it and how this reflected our spirituality.  The priest was encouraging us to be more true to ourselves by lining up our spending with our values.   Good advice.

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