Friday, August 20, 2010

Wisteria Inn, Salt Spring Island

Wisteria Inn is a little bit of heaven on earth. It's tailored lawns, flowers and wood chairs and slatted sun bleached tables in the sun and shade are quaintly reminiscent of southern England. The modern rooms have catching colours, hard wood floors, rattan,lots of light and electric outlets for computers and iphones. It reminds me of the bed and breakfasts of Napa.

The proprietor, Len, welcomed our dog, Gilbert, and showed where the poop pot and ladle were on the lawn and the hole to place his fertilizer gifts.

Then he took us round to the library and salon where tables are set up for breakfast. Laura's sister who stayed here said the breakfasts were a real treat, a true chef's delight.

For now Laura and I are basking in the luxury and elegance while Gilbert is sleeping under the table. He's dreaming of Maxine, the toy poodle he met next door.

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