Sunday, November 10, 2013

Port Alberni - Another day hunting -journal

I did the drill.  Alarm went off at 6 am.  I was up, prayed, made coffee, checked email, got dressed.  Already light out when I carried the gear to the truck. Gilbert really excited.  He's a dawn dog.
Stop at MacDonalds.  Gilbert almost climbed through the window.  MacDonald's is his kind of place.  Even seeing the golden arches gets him excited.  I ordered Sausage Mc Muffin, Hash Browns and large Coffee.  Gilbert had his sausage paddy.  While I like A&W just as much, Gilbert likes the MacDonalds sausage better, not so spicy.  I break it up for him and he eats some and saves the rest.  Always eats his after he sees what he can beg from me first. Definitely not a kennel dog and not one whose lived in a pack.  He's always more on his food when he comes back from spending time with other dogs.  I expect they're happy to share his food if he's not eating it right away.
We drove right up the mountain to the snow. I stopped and glassed a few clearings.  At the snow the road became too dangerous and the fog was too thick so I came down a little lower and parked. Then Gilbert and I hiked tai chi like up another trail.  Wind was in our face.  The gravel wasn't helpful but we really were going quietly. I remember when I wore socks on my feet to be more soundless. I also had some bear paws flannel booties for stalking for a while too.  I don't recall getting anything when I was being that particularly stealthy.  I think it's important to try all these things. I wore deer piss even.  Now I figure it all has helped and mostly I do the main drill and pray.  Quiet and stalk up wind.  Sit a lot.
I found a clearing and we sat for most of an hour.  The fog moved in and I was chilled.  Gilbert leaned his little body next to mine and watched everything.  Then we walked down the hill.  I had put the waypoints into the new Magellan exploits 610 gps   not that I needed them. I had my Iridium Sat phone and if I'd broken a leg or something, could have called in a "medivac' .  Not seeing or hearing a deer I would have liked to contact a satellite and have some in tell on heat sources in the area.
Gilbert was on heel the whole way then half way back to the truck I let him run free.  Off he goes about 50 feet ahead then circles around and does this a couple of more times.  "Look old human, I can really run fast, I'm young and full of energy." Then he's in and out of the side bush running patterns seeking out partridge.
Back in the truck I listened to more of Diana Gabaldon's audiobook,  Lord John and the Hell Fire Club.  I picked this audio book up in a gas station after hearing about her at the Surrey International Writer's Festival.  No wonder the women were all on fire about her writing. It's truly hot.  Great historical fiction with sultry sex and much thinking and talking about sex.  Very fine characterization. Lord John is an 18th century major with sexual issues and very intriguing assignments that really are good stories.  On the way in it was all quiet but on the way out I listened to Lord John stories.
 I'd hoped at least to see a grouse driving around in the lower regions but no such luck. Passed a half dozen other hunters waving at each other as we did.
Then it was back to Hospitality Inn.  The maid was just about to make up my room at 130 pm and I was all set for a nap.  Instead I quickly showered and changed and walked Gilbert down to the Serious Cafe, lovely little coffee shop and restaurant with two delightful pretty waitresses.  I had tied Gilbert outside where he was petted by several passers by.  Otherwise he tried to guilt me with his eyes while I ate a spinach salad and pepper soup followed by a peanut butter bar with a mocha. I knew he wouldn't like any of it but mostly he was upset at not being invited in and given a place at the table. It comes as a surprise to him when he's not treated like the special human he is.
I saw the snowy mountain where I'd climbed and realized I really was high up,  On the ferry over there'd been a lot of college kids with snow boards and skis who I gather were headed up to Mount Washington. I loved skiing that mountain. Though not the height of Whistler it was more fun in many ways because of the rustic backwoods atmosphere.  Gilbert and I liked our walk in Port Alberni but it was great to get back to the Hospitality Suite and lie down and read.
I read and nap. It's a combination activity.  I'm reading Tom Clancy's classic, Debt of Honor.  I'd read it years ago but this read I'm just blown away by the writing more than the brilliant story which had first captured me. He really was a genius of a story teller.  I love his Ryan character and the books of his which feature him are my favourite.
But after a few pages I nap then wake and sometimes Gilbert wakes me. It's 15 minutes on and off.  Now I've just got back from the hot tub and a 12 lap swim.  I could swim more but I bore easily. I do twice the time in the hot tub as I do in the pool.
None of this is exactly earth shattering.  It's rather truly mundane. I don't even think I'll make the evening hunt. I'm feeling lazy and enjoying this Hospitality Suite. A bit like a winter weekend at Harrison's with a bit earlier rising and a lot more hiking and climbing and packing guns and stuff.
I've got to get back to Vancouver tomorrow so I'm going to just get up early tomorrow and hunt on the way back. Tonight I'm going to have another  night roughing it with a room service dinner and a television movie with maybe some more heavy duty napping and reading before I sleep.  Last night the Creamy Pesto Seafood Linguine was superb.
I ve got a ginger ale, an apple and a cadbury almond chocolate bar to consider right now.
I could check into Facebook too.  My nephew may have made another movie.  There's probably some poetry readings, dog wisdom to glean, and then there's the Keira baby.   Amazing how interesting a baby can be when you know the parents. I liked the Fynn when he just had a dog.
What did we do before computers and social media.  I don't remember feeling disconnected.  I went weeks without contacting people and now I'm checking FB and emails daily.  That's a quantum change in the world today.  Right up there with daily hygiene in terms of social revolutions.  
A couple of the pictures here are taken with the iPhone and the others with the new Magellan exploits 610.
DCIM5 N4920955W12466633T3FAA839DH038703

IMG 4232
DCIM9 N4919742W12466122T3FAA8C87H03D85E
DCIM8 N4919742W12466122T3FAA8C6BH03D85E
DCIM11 N4919743W12466128T3FAA92D5H03CEBD
IMG 4233
IMG 4234


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