Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Hong Kong Airport

I just flew in on Dragonair from Cambodia.  The stewardesses were exceptional. One even helped a little child down the stairs all the while the little girl was talking a mile a minute.  I really enjoyed my flight from KL to Siem Reap, Cambodia on Dragonair. The services are exceptional.
I loved flying over Hong Kong harbour. It's an amazing harbour. One of the finest, obviously, in the world. A sailor's delight.  I imagine the joy the early square riggers found in putting in here.  Even now the big boats look happy at anchor.
I remember my time here fondly, doing early morning tai chi in Chatterly Square, the only gaijin in hundreds.  Was that the name of the square? I loved that what would be a 'department' in a department store was a city block or more here. I bought my first palm pilot here, the precursor of the iPhone 4 I"m using now.  I loved typing on the little keyboard with the breast pocket palm screen adequate for my needs. I had all the medical texts and references I needed early in this digital game. I carried them with me.  Now their equivalent is on the iPhone. I've wifi and cellular internet too.
The Hong Kong Airport is ultra modern.  There's a space station feel to all air stations , for me raised on cars and trains. My dad took us up in small planes as children but I didn't fly from big airports myself till I was in my teens. Now children fly, coming and going from these air stations, taking for granted this world of hours away versus days.  Next we'll be "beaming" on Star Trek.
My flight from here to Vancouver, some 12 hours in the air, has been delayed by a wait over here for 4 more.  I've already been in the air for 3 hours and 2 hours earlier.  The Air Canada desk was pleasant and helpful, giving me a food voucher for use in Hong Kong airport. I see there's showers and after this McCafe mocha I might 'spruce' up.  If I bought a fresh shirt that would go along way to helping me feel human for this long day of travel.  Eating helps.  Travelling is tiring, surprisingly so, given that all one is doing is sitting and eating and moving through a tiny bit of space around a pale blue dot in the universe.
There must be something in the atmosphere. Psychologically there must be a displacements of sorts.  In the plane the air seems never to refresh but here in airports its something more than the neon lights.  I think it's in the press of people all in transit and all displaced. Sitting in a toilet cubicle I feel a sense of peace in the aloneness. I was in the business lounge earlier today, having flown business class, on Dragonair. There was greater quiet.  Perhaps its in the sound, the constant talk, especially here, where the Chinese do chatter, and the machine noise in the background.  I'll get out my earphones and listen to a bit of Steve Bell.  I'll be seeing him in concert one day too.
I've got some Hermes cologne. The girl at the desk didn't think I'd never need to wash again. I'm of an age where the young can be horrified, thinking I'm serious.  A shower, a fresh shirt, a meal, cologne. All that I need more is Gilbert, the cockapoo,  and a yellow tennis ball. He'd keep me entertained and would love to run the lengths of this huge complex.
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