Sunday, November 17, 2013

St. Andrews Cathedral - Singapore

After leaving Changi Prison I took a bus, then the train to St. Andrews Cathedral. There was a great musician in the train station too.
Riding on the train is like riding on a boat. I had a full body work out by the time I reached my destination.  INo wonder I wasn't fat when I couldn't afford a Harley Motorcycle or Miata Sportscar.  Riding buses and trains keeps one slim.  I used to bicycle too. Earlier in the day I sat talking with a local cycling enthusiast at a cafe where his bike was locked to the outside table we sat together at.  
I was blessed to arrive at St. Andrews Cathedral in time to participate in the service. It was a fine service.  After I took pictures of the Cathedral. Now i'm in a coffee with wifi uploading the stories I've written to my blog.
I liked participating in the Anglican service. I lived receiving communion.  I liked kneeling together with others and singing hymns.  There's a lot of comfort in ritual. Here I am half way around the world joining in with others who share this common experience.  It's tradition too.   I'm spiritually moved in community. That's its own special time
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