Saturday, November 23, 2013

Imprisonment among opiate dependent patients on community based Medication Assisted Treatment - Norsiah Ali

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This study looked at the reduction in re offence after being on methadone. It also showed that Malays were 1.5 x less likely to be re imprisoned.  165 patients out of 18,000.
In this country if you are found to have positive urine you would be put in 2 year observation, not being put in prison, but need to report monthly at police office.  If you had a positive urine and were caught with another positive urine you'd be put into jail..  Those under observation are first time offenders. We were only doing random monthly urine in our population.
There was a significant improvement in quality of life and reduction of stealing and physical assault.
None in program sero converted.
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In the Question and Answer period people who had attended the off site prison treatment program yesterday

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