Sunday, November 24, 2013

Angkor Wat - Cambodia

I've just had a lovely Cambodian Chicken soup, steak, fries and coconut ice cream meal in a fabulous restaurant. I think the name was Neary. Vandy picked it. He told me it was Cambodian owned but the chef had been the chef for the Raffles chain. I think that must be in Singapore. Whatever, the soup was the best I've tasted in as long as I can recall.
These are more pictures from Angkor Wat. I'm back in Prum Bayon Hotel.  It's been a full day.  Tomorrow, I'll be driven about to outlying temples as well as seeing the town on bamboo poles.  I'm thankful I've seen Angkor Wat and may well return.

IMG 1997
IMG 1995
IMG 1991
IMG 1998
IMG 1993
DSC 0157
DSC 0155
IMG 4386IMG 4387

IMG 1982
DSC 0151
DSC 0111
DSC 0083
DSC 0140

DSC 0141

DSC 0181
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