Thursday, November 14, 2013

Rain Love

Rain Love
- for Bernice

It rained last night
There was no sound
The wetness of the morning
Like a moist thigh
And a lovers memory

Father sky and mother earth

You sneaky old fool
I've been expecting you to piss and pour for days

Inconsiderate with seasonal passion
The plants wanted you this summer
There were fires in the forest
But it was too hot for you then

Now the winter comes and you dribble
Like the old man you are
I  carry my umbrella for protection
Ready for your indiscretion

Then you come at night like an incubus
 I drive my sports car top down in the day
With all the exhilaration of a west coast rainforest commuter
Spared the violation of rain

But mother earth is waiting
She knows your  wiley ways
Your grey and white haired sky ways
She  is ready now
For the winter dance
And fornication.

The crocuses and tulips of spring will blossom
She will have her great baby greens
Only now she shivers in anticipation
Of a long winter being bedded.

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