Monday, November 25, 2013

Love Between the Sacred and Profane Poetry Book, Cambodia

I am donating copies of my new poetry book, Love Between the Sacred and Profane, to libraries.  I decided to bring a few copies with me to do the same here.  I simply forgot and didn't seem to have time in Singapore or Kuala Lumpur. However, here in Siem Leap, faced with flying back to Canada, I finally contacted the local reading library in the Khymer Studies complex. I told them  I wanted to donate my new book.  It helped that there was a picture of me on the book cover.  Suspicion stopped immediately then and  the librarian expressed real appreciation.   Vandy, my driver,  liked this too an was kind enough to offer to take a picture. There  are not  a lot of modern English poetry books in this part of Cambodia yet everyone is learning English. .
Also I think it's called a photo op! The Canadian Authors Association would be impressed. Not only will I have a book, "launch', soon, I've already had a 'photo op'.  It really was fun and felt good.   Just like later in the day when I donated a small amount of  money to a fisherman's school to help pay for grade school  books.  Vandy had taken me on a walk in the fisherman's village and told me that some of the people really were poor.
Books are so important especially to the young.  I loved as a child going with my mother and brother every two weeks to the library to borrow more books to read.  I still love reading, though now I'm as often reading kindle as hard cover. I'm certainly I've always had access to books. Mostly I appreciate the support my family gave to reading.
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