Thursday, November 21, 2013

Injectable Extended Release Naltrexone for Preventing Relapse to Opioid Dependence -Evgeny Krupitsky -ISAM 2013 -Kuala Lumpur

This was one of the most interesting presentation of data from the experience of this Russian researcher. They had excellent data showing the success of this program for long term -1 to 2 years - follow up to begin.  In the question and answer period the Australians shared similar success. The numbers that were discussed were large and the small risks were rather minor in the hands of these experienced clinicians. It certainly impressed me listening and made me think there is a real place for this therapy as a standard approach for those people who have had problem of relapsing previously or are most motivated to avoid relapse. It had also worked for short periods in those who had done well then had a slip.  Overall a very fine presentation. Most of the detailed data was in the slides and very well explained.IMG 1635
IMG 1636
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