Friday, November 22, 2013

Treatment Insights from Behavioural Addiction - Nady el-Guebaly

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Dr. el-Guebaly opened with a discussion of what research had proven over the last couple of decades about gambling. It had been projected to be and increasing phenomena but some 'immunological' process had limited it's growth.  The difficulty however was a steady percentage of 'problem gamblers'.  Governments were aware that they could keep from raising taxes by relying instead on the revenue from gambling.  This lead to several considerations which he discussed. Later he showed that the behaviour diagnosis, listed under DSM5 as Impulse Control Disorders had common roots but differences Using slides he presented a summary of the best research to date in the area of genetics, neuroimaging, neurotransmitter research and psychosocial studies regarding the behavioural addictions.  He went on to discuss which bio, psycho, social treatments were most effective and the limits of efficacy.  Always an original thinker commonly ahead of his time, he looked to cultural considerations as the future of understanding and treating behavioural addictions. It was a brilliant talk, well received by doctors and researchers from around the world.

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