Sunday, November 17, 2013

Singapore - Little India

It's listed as one of the oldest Indian communities outside of India proper.  Also one of the must see places in Singapore.  It's been far too long since I was in Bombai.  I love the few blocks we have in Vancouver this Little India experience was so much more going on for blocks and blocks, bigger even than old China Town in Vancouver. All Indian.
The Chinese taxi driver who drove me to Little India told me he'd lived in North Vancouver. He regaled me about his times there, describing favourite parts of my city, then going on to tell me about working for the Calgary Stampede.  That was some conversation to have with a stranger in Singapore on the way to Little Indian.
Leaving the taxi,  I was immediately struck by the music, sounds and fragrance of India.   India must be the most sweetly aromatic culture in the world. I love the smell of spices and perfumes.
I was hardly a block away before I couldn't resist a little carved wooden elephant with inlaid wood. Then I came upon a restaurant advertising Tandoori Chicken and just had to sit down.  Soon I was eating Tandoori chicken with naan and a mango lassie.  Life couldn't be better.
All that was missing were my Vancouver Indian friends.  I took a picture of one of the finest stores just to show him that his store is far more  better turned out than even the far older stores of Indian Singapore.
I also couldn't resist the hand made silk at Dakshaini Silk. Lovely people.
I love India and so want to get back to India proper. The culture is so relaxed and welcoming, with so much colour and perfume.
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