Sunday, November 17, 2013

Sands Hotel - Singapore - Sky Park

I loved the Sky Park. It has the most incredible view of Singapore and the Singapore Harbour.  There were an amazing number of ships of all sizes anchored off the land. The amazing river entrance winds through the city which is a wonderland of architecture.  Truly amazing.  I saw a couple taking wedding pictures with the backdrop of Marina Bay. The Sands Hotel has its own pool and spa, of course, but it's also in the centre of an amazing mall reminiscent of Eaton Centre.  There's a casino too which I didn't go into but is obviously popular with the Asian businessmen.  As Asian women love to shop I was impressed by all the high end corporate offerings in the Sands complex with all the variety further available in town in China town.  Both the Prada and Armeni here and the Chinatown here didn't seem all that different from what I find shopping in Vancouver just a whole lot more choices but no really different categories of offerings.
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